How to Practice Piano Scales and Arpeggios - The Art Behind The Exercise. Episode 1: Benefits.

如何練習鋼琴音階和琶音 - 本練習背後的藝術。第1集:好處。

How to Use the Piano Pedals - Mechanism and Functions 1/2

如何使用鋼琴踏板 - 機制和功能的1/2

How to Use the Piano Pedals - The 3 Main Pedaling Techniques 2/2

如何使用鋼琴踏板 - 3個主要的踏板技巧2/2

Correct Piano Practice: a Step-By-Step Holistic Guide. Practicing Chopin's Nocturne op.72 No.1

正確的鋼琴練習:有步驟,分步整體指南。練肖邦的夜曲op.72 No1號


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